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CONNECT Cabinet Wooden Knob - 50mm - Inox Look & Zebrano Finish

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CONNECT Cabinet Wooden Knob - 50mm - Inox Look & Zebrano Finish

Imported from Denmark
Price :
Rs. 1916

Cabinet Wooden Knob 50mm Inox Look & Zebrano Finish in INDIA from Benzoville


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Vonsild ( Denmark )

SKU:  VN-HWO-001749


CONNECT Cabinet Wooden Knob
Finish : Zebrano Iacqurer & Inox Look
Size : L/B 50mm, H37.5mm
Buy Wooden Cabinet Knob online in India. Inox Finish Looks nice in your modern furniture and interiors. Specialized in wooden handles and knobs for kitchen and furniture. Many different designs suitable for living-room, bedroom and many other types of furniture
Minimalistic and elegant designs in many different shapes and timbers, designed by well-known designers from Denmark, Scandinavia and other countries around the world.
VONSILD is synonymous with wooden handles and knobs, and has been for several decades. We aim at being the number one supplier whether it is of traditional handles and knobs, or the more contemporary, maybe even avantgarde designs.
We process most timbers, but the majority of our production is in Maple, Birch, Beech, Oak & Walnut. Typical finishes are clear lacquered, stained, waxed, oiled, soap treatment, smoked oak, painted colours up to 90% gloss level, and the very trendy and resistant soft-feel lacquer. Special finishes and colours, as per your requirements.