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Shelf Support  - 416mm - Zinc Plated Steel Finish

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Shelf Support - 416mm - Zinc Plated Steel Finish

Imported from Italy
Price :
Rs. 41

Shelf Support - 416mm - Zinc Plated Steel Finish in India from Benzoville



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Ceam ( Italy )

SKU:  CE-FMF-000840


Shelf Support
Size: 416mm
Finish: Zinc Plated Steel
There is a wide range of options to choose from when deciding what type of shelf support or shelf bracket to use. Before deciding what shelf supports to use you need to consider what you will be storing on them and how you want the look of the shelving brackets to fit in with your decor.
We have a huge collection of shelf supports that is available in different sizes, shapes and designs.
One product after the other, one new happening after another, right through to today, where design and manufacturing of items is done completely in – house at the company. including technical capacity and wear tests carried out using equipment.
The production, always equipped with the most updated technologies, Various sizes, materials and finishes:
Invisible hinges, joints and bushes, movements for furniture doors, shelf supports