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Jewellery Cabinet Knob

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Jewellery Cabinet Knob

Imported from Italy
Jewellery Cabinet Knob - 28mm - Shining Silver Polishing with Syntetic Topaz Stone Brilliant Cutted Finish in INDIA from Benzoville

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Ferretto ( Italy )

SKU:  FE-HJE-009295


Runa Jewellery Cabinet Knob
Size : 28mm
Finish : Shining Silver Polishing with Syntetic Topaz Stone
set of knobs with decorative screen printed gloss in relief in two color with floral and art deco motifs. Ferretto Handles, a collection of the most original and trend lines in the current panorama.
Cabinet handles and knobs are used to open and close the furniture doors and drawers. Our range of exclusive designer Knob increase the aesthetic beauty of the furniture without being too ostentatious.
Buy Cabinet Knob online in India. collection looks exquisite on the furniture and interiors.
A lot of things have changed: in technology, in quality, design and range of offers, but some of the things that have not changed are the passion and the attention that we give to every single piece. This special passion is visible in our products, so much that our Clients in Italy and abroad named one of our handles "one of Ferretto handles", like for the products were you can distinctively can recognize the style.