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concealed Door Hinge - Nickel Plated Finish - 134X24mm

Imported from Italy
Price :
Rs. 4672

concealed Door Hinge - Nickel Plated Finish in INDIA from Benzoville


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Ceam ( Italy )

SKU:  CE-DA-006026


Door Hinge
Finish: Nickel Plated
Height: 134 mm
Width: 24 mm
Depth: 21 mm
Suitable for doors: Wood, Aluminium, Steel
Minimum door thickness: 30 mm
Utilization: Residential, Commercial, Office, Marine use
Load capacity 2 hinges: 52 kg
Load capacity 3 hinges: 73 kg
Load capacity 3 hinges asymmetrical: 76 kg
Load capacity 4 hinges: 80 kg
Concealed Hinge Used for furniture doors (with or without self-closing feature, and with or without damping systems).
We have a huge collection of Door Hinges that is available in several sizes, shapes and designs.
Heavy weight continuous industrial hinge (large and wide) for industry applications are our speciality. We are suppliers for steel, zinc plated steel, aluminum, solid brass and stainless steel hinges for outdoor and marine durability in many different dimensions.
Available in many sizes from narrow to wide and a variety of finishes such as elector brassed steel, nickel and florentine/staturary bronzed plated, aluminium and solid brass or as outdoor stainless steel hinge. 1030-- Concealed hinge, adjustable along 3 independent axes made completely of stainless steel for doors with 33 mm minimum thickness total length 134 mm depth only 21 mm 3-way adjustment: Y - vertical ± 2.5 mm X - horizontal ± 1 mm Z - depth min 2, max 5 mm load capacity up to 70 kg with three hinges installed galvanized polyethylene plates cover the adjustment screws same mortise on door and frame suitable for corrosive environment installation

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