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TRIADE Concealed Shelf Support -14mm - Zinc Alloy and Steel Finish

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TRIADE Concealed Shelf Support -14mm - Zinc Alloy and Steel Finish

Imported from Italy
Price :
Rs. 1309

TRIADE Concealed Shelf Support - 14mm - Zinc Alloy and Steel Finish in India from Benzoville


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Italiana Ferramenta ( Italy )

SKU:  IF-FMF-003053


TRIADE Concealed Shelf Support
Size : 14mm
Finish : Zinc Alloy and Steel
There is a wide range of options to choose from when deciding what type of shelf support or shelf bracket to use. Before deciding what shelf supports to use you need to consider what you will be storing on them and how you want the look of the shelving brackets to fit in with your decor.
We have a huge collection of shelf supports that is available in different sizes, shapes and designs.
TRIADE is the concealed mounting bracket for shelves 25 to 40mm thick. It has been conceived to simplify the shelf installation. It is provided with three indipendent adjustments:
1) VERTICAL Before installing the shelf, the mounting brackets can be adjusted in height and (vertically) aligned through the slots.
2) HORIZONTAL While placing the shelf in position, the supporting pins can be slided horizontally.
3) INCLINATION When the shelf is partially inserted, the shelf angle can be adjusted front to back by turning the supporting pins with a 10mm open-ended wrench.
The capacity loading is 15Kg each (shelf weight included) for a shelf max 300mm deep.
Shelf minimum depth: 160mm