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Crystal Cabinet Handle - 200mm - Chrome Plated Finish

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Crystal Cabinet Handle - 200mm - Chrome Plated Finish

Price :
Rs. 3446

Crystal Cabinet Handle 200mm Chrome Plated Finish in INDIA from Benzoville



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Unique MM

SKU:  MM-HJE-008786


Crystal Cabinet Handle
Size : 200mm
Finish : Chrome Plated
Cabinet handles and knobs are used to open and close the furniture doors and drawers. Our range of exclusive designer handle increase the aesthetic beauty of the furniture without being too ostentatious.
Whatever your choice of furniture, handles really do represent the all important finishing touch. Whether you are opting for a contemporary or traditional look, the handle defines your style more than any other aspect. Imagine the same cabinet with an antique knob or a brushed steel bar handle and you will appreciate how your choice influences the overall look of your room. While the style is very important, the handle must also be comfortable to hold, practical to use and easy to clean.