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Cabinet Handle - 320mm - Aluminium Finish

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Cabinet Handle - 320mm - Aluminium Finish

Price :
Rs. 964

Cabinet Handle - 320mm - Aluminium Finish in India from Benzoville



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SKU:  BV-KH-002941


Cabinet Handle
Size : length:320mm, Width:18mm, Shoe size:40mm
Material : Aluminium
The brand of "I.Can" which is Zinc alloy Handle,Aluminium alloy handle,Zinc/Aluminium handle,Stainless steel handle,Plastic handle and the cabinet leg other hardware fittings. Because the production quality fine,price rational,supply fast,perfect service,favor deeply by users of China's Mainland,and find a good sales in all parts of the world.Have homeliness,but it is make people's mind disturbed-This is "I.Can".