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CLIP Standard Hinge - 100°, 0mm Cranked - With Mounting Plate

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CLIP Standard Hinge - 100°, 0mm Cranked - With Mounting Plate

Imported from Austria
CLIP Standard Hinge - 100°, 0mm Cranked - With Mounting Plate in India from Benzoville

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Blum ( Austria )

SKU:  BL-FHI-012584


71M2550 NI CLIP Standard Hinge
Size : 100°, 0mm Cranked - With Mounting Plate
Open the door for the tried and tested CLIP top hinge! CLIP top stands for utmost adjustment and assembly ease, reliable function and attractive design. Every door equipped with CLIP top opens and closes with reliable ease. And for customers who prefer to slam doors shut, simply combine CLIP top with soft-close BLUMOTION. You can also add TIP-ON, the functional opening system for handle-less furniture.
Programme :
You can choose from a wide range of hinges with different boss fixing options and mounting plates:
-Standard hinges with different cranked hinge arms
-Profile door hinges for thicker door depths
-Blind corner hinges
-Angled hinges from -50 to +50°
-Alu frame hinges
-Wide angle hinges
-CRISTALLO, glass door and mini-hinges
-Bi-fold hinges.
Blum is an international company that specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings. The company's main product groups are lift, hinge, box and pull-out systems for furniture - in particular for kitchen furniture.
Architectural Hinges are designed to provide an effective solution to hanging cabinet where there is a need for high grade architectural quality hinges. The obvious requirement of a hinge is to attach a furniture to a frame.
We have a huge collection of Furniture Hinges that is available in several sizes, shapes and designs.