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VENTS VK01 SERIES - Exhaust Fan - Weight - 0.41kg - Dia - 100mm

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VENTS VK01 SERIES - Exhaust Fan - Weight - 0.41kg - Dia - 100mm

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Rs. 1750

VENTS VK01 SERIES - Exhaust Fan - Weight - 0.41kg - Dia - 100mm in India from Benzoville



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SKU:  VE-KA-014521


VENTS VK01 SERIES - Exhaust Fan
Voltage(V) at 50Hz : 220-240
Power Consumption (W) : 14
Current (A) : 0.085
R.P.M : 2300
Maximum air capacity : 107
sound pressure level at 3m : 36
Weight (kg) : 0.41
Vents VKO 1 Series : VENTS comes with a “classic range” of extractor fans with VENTS VKO 1 Series being one of them. A VENTS VKO 1 Series fan has the casing and the impellers made of high quality durable ABS plastic, UV resistant. The intellectual impeller design makes the fan efficiency high and the service life long.
-Protection rating IP X4.
-Reliable and low-watt electronic motor.
-Designed for continuous operations and requires no maintenance.
-Equipped with overheating protection.
Mounting Feature :
-The fan is mounted into a matching duct size. Fastening with clamps in case of flexible duct connection.
-The mounting bracket enables fan installation on both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces.
-Two fans can be installed in series for higher performance.
Applications :
-Continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces.
-Exhaust or supply ventilation depending on the fan mounting type in the system. Designed for PVC ducting systems or flexible ducts.
-Low to medium air flow motion for short distances at low air resistance.
we are offers a wide range of domestic fans that combine outstanding performance and reliability with low power consumption and noise levels.