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Tower Bolt - 250mm - Antique Rust Finish

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Tower Bolt - 250mm - Antique Rust Finish

Imported from Italy
Tower Bolt 250mm Antique Rust Finish in INDIA from Benzoville


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Galbusera ( Italy )

SKU:  GB-DTB-010101


Tower Bolt
Size : 250mm
Finish : Antique Rust
Tower Bolt which can be used in all types of windows and doors. tower bolts are available in various sizes and dimensions as per customers requirement.
the offering Tower Bolts which is available in sizes and finishes. This Tower Bolts are manufactured using high quality raw material that is procured from our reliable and trusted vendors.
The company has distinguished itself since its creation for the quality of its products. Great care is taking from every point of view: from the selection and purchase of raw materials to the packing, which is all done in its own sites. The main part of the production is still carried out with the use using of trusted handicraft methods which allow the creation of unique products of the highest quality.
Galbusera design is always original and doesn’t go out of fashion with time.
The efficient national and international distribution network of the Galbusera company has made it possible to promote the trade mark in Italy and many other countries around the world. Galbusera products are exported in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Egypt and North America.