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VENTS X SERIES - Exhaust Fan - Weight - 0.94 - Dia - 150mm

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VENTS X SERIES - Exhaust Fan - Weight - 0.94 - Dia - 150mm

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Rs. 3449

VENTS X SERIES - Exhaust Fan - Weight - 0.94 - Dia - 150mm in India from Benzoville



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SKU:  VE-KA-014505


Voltage(V) at 50Hz : 220-240
Power Consumption (W) : 24
Current (A) : 0.13
R.P.M : 2400
Maximum air capacity : 258
sound pressure level at 3m : 37
Weight (kg) : 0.94
Vents X Series : VENTS comes with a wide range of Extractor fans for all your ventilation worries. Vents X Series fans, comes in a modern design and aesthetic look. The casing and the impellers are made of high quality durable ABS plastic, UV resistant. It carries a modern design and an aesthetic look. The intellectual impeller design makes the fan efficiency high and the service life long. Decorative replaceable color covers: light blue, bright green, yellow and pink. Equipped with overheating protection, this series comes with a reliable and low watt motor. These fans do not really require any maintenance and are designed for continuous operations. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS :
Motor :
Reliable and low-watt electronic motor.
Designed for continuous operations and requires no maintenance.
Equipped with overheating protection.
Mounting Features :
The fan is mounted directly into the window opening.
Applications :
Continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces.
For mounting in windows.
we are offers a wide range of domestic fans that combine outstanding performance and reliability with low power consumption and noise levels.